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Hi Gliders,

I wanted to share with you a new app I built which is a platform for creating your own online course or online guide/blog wiht paid subscription.
The users can see Free guides and if they enter a paid guide they are prompt to purchase a subscription (which because Stripe isn’t supported in Israel I created outside and connected with Integromat to update the sheet in realtime).

The admin can add new guides, view the users and subscribers, control the default text color of the guides or set a color for each guide deparately.

let me know what you think. below is a video I prepared for you and whoever wants to go to the app can do this as well (note, that most of the guides are in Hebrew but I translated some to English so you could feel how it will look).

the App URL: (recommended to view in full screen mode but looks good on mobile as well.



WOW! This is next level. Great work

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Would like to take a look however

Did you try signing in with Google it regular emai.?
It’s set to public 2oth email with no restrictions…

Regular email

Can you please try with a different email as I managed to login easily just now

Works now :+1:

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Love this. Will ask if my friend he still needs this for his Aikido classes!
Will this be up for sale soon?

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Once glide team will complete integration with alternative to stripe that will work in IL of course that the target.


Any updates on this?

What do you think?

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We can’t give you a timeline on this.

Good Job! Love it!

Thank you. Any feedback on the flow or anything else?

Thanks, appreciate the quick response.

Well thought out and nice clean simple to understand design. Top job :+1:

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There is always room for improvement. Every time I launch an app…I am grilled by everyone (lol). I am sure you know what needs to be done. I don’t like the concept of desktop view on apps. It kills the whole concept of apps. But some folks love it, so who am I to complain. Other than that, Great job! Love it!

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Appreciate the true feedback. No doubt the desktop view needs and I’m sure will improve in the ability to customize.
The platform itself will work just as good on mobile for the users (images wise etc.) and admin but the admin will have a nice time working on the desktop view and creating content.

Another thought was about that this kind of content is usually used when you work on a something and wants to learn on the same time


Another thing I noticed was your content is bi-lingual. Not very easy when we don’t have an auto-translator. So 5 stars for that! Because your app is content based I could see the need for desktop view, especially when writing up content. Unfortunately, the desktop view we get is almost identical to the view we get on our app, just on a bigger screen. If only Glide could fix this view…I could see website builders turning to Glide for a 2 in 1 solution.


This is great. Your use of markdown makes the app pop. Love it!


Nice done!