New Glide course

That answers all my questions, @JackVaughan; thanks! /w

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Hi Jack,
In the template you have a community feature listed, but it doesn’t display when clicked. Are there suggestions on what can be integrated for community? I used a cards layout and allowed people to comment on each card, but if the post has no image, it makes the layout look weird.

Hey Angelia, yea it’s just a button with a link that goes to :wink:- so just a placeholder for a way you might want to use that to point to your own community.

As I mentioned above - a forum experience (like this one) is possible in Glide, but not great. In future we’d like to make it more easy to create this type of experience.

I would just link to your community elsewhere.

Amazing Insiders videos @JackVaughan, Congratulations.
One question remains…: App:logins tab and Users tab could be joined into one?

One more thing, with users as Admin, Free and Premium I noticed that who sign in for the first time, therefore none of those statuses, the courses miniatures are not displaying.
How could I fix that?

You could probably treat ‘Free’ and Blank as the same status.

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Thanks Jeff