👋 Feature in one of our videos!

Hey Gliders.

We’re working on a new video welcoming new members to the community and letting them know how to use the forum (based on this article).

We would love to feature real members of the community in the video!

If you’re up for this, please film yourself on your phone saying ‘Hi! I’m (your name), welcome to the Glide Community!’. If you speak another language – feel free to translate it. (Hey! Je suis Jack . Bienvenue dans la communauté Glide!)

It’s really nice if new members know that there other people that speak their language in the community.

Remember to smile & wave! And feel free to film yourself in an interesting location - preferably with good light and send to jack@glideapps.com!

Thank you so much!


Great idea…

I have a fun thought about a location, but won’t be able to get there until the weekend.

So my question is when do you need this by? - I don’t see a deadline…


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Yeah that’s fine

It would be handy to be able to send you a video using What’s App… can you offer a What’s App account I could use?

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Anyone else who needs to send with Whatsapp - just DM me your number.

Doneeeeee @JackVaughan
You can check your emaiil :wink:

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Woooooo, merci!