⚡ Kickstart a Glide Community

Hey everyone! :wave:

We’re aware that many of you host, run or are a part of some awesome Glide communities, whether it’s a Facebook or WhatsApp group, LinkedIn Page and so on. Whether you run a community or would like to kickstart a new one, we’d love to support and amplify your superb efforts :muscle:

We’ve been thrilled to see so many Glide themed groups pop up around the world. It’s wonderful to see our users come together to share best practices, help each other and talk about broader topics like productivity, management, and much more.

How Glide can help you! :man_dancing:

If you apply through us to start your group (link below), we can provide the following support:

  1. Promoting your community :rocket: Get your community listed on our Community page and amplified from our social media accounts.
  2. Connecting you with other leaders :handshake: Meet and learn from other community leaders.
  3. Goodies to share with your members :candy: We’ll send you stickers and digital swag.
  4. Direct communication with the Glide team :metal: You’ll always be able to chat with someone on our team. We’ll also channel your feedback to product and engineering, host AMAs with staff, and more.

“But I already run a Glide Community” :thinking:

Sweetness! :ok_hand: Fill out this form to let us know about your current community.

Kickstarting a New Glide Community :zap:

Before launching, please make sure to review these resources. All participants are required to abide by these guidelines:

Creating a group

After you’ve filled out this form, it’s time to build. Some communities are using a Glide App or Page as the home for their community. It’s a good idea, though not essential, to create a new workspace and invite your members.

Fill out this form

Here are the types of pages your shared group workspace might include. We’ve provided basic examples you can adapt and make your own:

  • Events calendar - Showing dates for webinars and meetups for your community
  • Translations and local resources - Tutorials, help articles, videos, etc. in your native language
  • Directory of members - Informative database of everyone in your community
  • Landing page - Public-facing page for new folks who would like to join your community

Of course, you don’t have to use Glide to keep your group organized. We’ve also seen our community members make fantastic use of these platforms:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Discord
  • Slack-like
  • WhatsApp
  • and more


Which communities get listed on this Community page?

  • Glide must be included in the title of the community
  • Communities must have 50+ members
  • If there are multiple communities from the same place or on the same topic, the largest one will be listed

Can anyone start a Glide community?

  • Absolutely!

What kind of support can Glide provide?

  • Promoting your community
  • Connecting you with other group leaders
  • Custom support from the Glide Community team
  • Glide goodies to share with your members
  • Direct communication with the Glide team

Love this idea—if anyone already runs a Glide community on Slack, let me know! I’d love to join.


Love this idea!!! It will help Glideapps freelancers to reach out to more buyers. I started my own venture “The no coder” through glideapps :slight_smile:

I have been working on Fiverr and Upwork for the past 4 months and have generated a revenue of over $8000.

If anyone wants to get an amazing app made by me at the best price ever, they can contact me on Calendly - Hassan Nadeem.


Nice one, @caffeinatedwes! Have you heard about our Glide Ambassador program? You’ll be able to join our Slack channel. More info here. :rocket:

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Bravo, @Hassan_Nadeem! :clap:

It’s in French but we have more than 754 people on the chanel Glide in NoCode France : Slack