Is there an official Glideapp Slack channel?

Hi lovely people of Glide,

Is there a Slack channel? Im new to Glad and it would be nice to meet the community.

See you around.

As far as I aware there isn’t one.

However, we have a community meetup that would be organized once in a while (I’m not sure if it’s weekly). You can check out the details of the last one here:

Thanks @ThinhDinh!

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No slack yet.
Everything is right here on the forum! :slight_smile:

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Please, no! Sorry but we already have too many communication channels. Feel free to start an unofficial one though!


Hi @david,

And what are those other communication channels?

Im looking for alternatives.

Forum, Twitter, Facebook, Intercom (the chat on our website), and email.

You’d like another way to talk to us?

Just Slack. Just want to get notified about online meetup schedule and whats new in the community. Not sure if I can get notified about those using Forums. I dont use twitter or facebook though. Thanks.

Love to join the meetup Thank you

Hi @SHE, currently we don’t have a thread for the next meetup, you can check back here each day if the organizer posts the thread and ask him to invite you in (I’m not the organizer :smile:)

I ended up here because I was searching for the same and I think that having a “Makers Channel” will be a pretty good idea.

Not to interact with the Glide Team - David has already mentioned that we have enough channel to do so. But to discuss things in real time between makers and to share thoughts and ideas.

Makers’ working day can feel a bit lonely sometimes :slight_smile:

@david with your permission, I went ahead and created the Glide Apps Makers (Unofficial) Slack Channel:

Would’ve been a great time to create a glideapp for the glide community