Hello from Berlin. My name is Nathanael

Hello fellow Gliders,

You have been kind enough to let me participate in the Glide community and I just realized that I never introduced myself.

I am located in Berlin, Germany. Outside of work, I enjoy working on side projects (recently building apps on Glide), doing crossfit, playing sports in general.

Professionally, I have been working in B2B marketing in the software industry for the past eight years, and for the past two years I have been freelancing in marketing and product management. I particularly enjoy working with data (Google Sheets, Analytics).

With Glide, I hope to develop a new complementary skill. Depending on the value I can deliver, I might consider offering app development services to businesses based on Glide.

If anyone is interested in being part of a small Gliders’ Club, please message me. I would like to meet 2 or 3 fellow Gliders weekly, on Fridays for instance, in the CET timezone. We would share ideas on our latest projects, discuss best practices, help one another, hold ourselves accountable on making progress.



Great that you’re enjoying your time here, Nathanael, greetings from Vietnam!

Nice idea for the Gliders’ Club but unfortunately I’m a couple of timezones away so not available to participate lol. Maybe I can join in a chatting group only.

@ThinhDinh Thank you for your reply, that’s very kind of you. I have seen your handle many times in the forum.

I do think it will be more practical if the members of the Gliders’ Club (there can be many!) are in close geographies. Everyone is busy and being in the same timezone increases the chances of finding a common window to meet :slight_smile:


Google Sheets and Analytics, with Glide.

Sign me up for discussions (GMT + 5:30, but I work UK time)!


@sardamit Hello there Amit, thanks for showing interest. We can try to make it work.

I saw that you have a lot of expertise already and are the author of many templates. If the group ends up not being advanced enough, you’ll have a good excuse to not show :wink:

Sounds like a great idea. I do a lot of process optimization using Glide, Google sheets and Scripts! A Gliders club sounds fun.

Little things can always surprise me.

So I do have things to look forward to.

Sound very interesting. Im doing glide apps in my spare time. Have done a few simpler apps

Located in Copenhagen Denmark

Thanks for showing interest @Krivo. Would you be interested in meeting on a weekly basis, or at least fairly regularly?

@Krivo @sardamit
It seems we have the embryo of a group. I was thinking of keeping it to 3 or 4 members anyway, so this might be a good start.

I feel like starting a new topic which I could call “Gliders’ Group CET”. If you are more inspired than me to find a nice name, please feel free to suggest a name.

Also, if I create a new topic and we exchange ideas within it, won’t that topic pollute the general topics thread of the forum? I think it would be respectful to make sure we don’t bother everyone.

@david @Mark @JackVaughan
Would it be possible in Discourse to create a separate category called “Groups of Gliders” where Gliders could create topics that remain accessible to all (if of interest) but that will not get posted in the main thread of the forum? Or maybe is it okay if our discussions are posted in the main thread?

@nathanaelb @sardamit I think a weekly meeting could be cool. Exchanging views, ideas and challenges - are you thinking about skype meeting or similar?

@Krivo @sardamit
Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, … Whatever works for everyone :slight_smile:

@Krivo @sardamit
Would you be interested and available to meet this week on Friday? Sometime in the afternoon, beginning of the meeting anywhere in the 14.00-18.00 timeslot (CET)? We could meet for one hour?

I am occupied this week. Will join the next one.

Hey Nathanael, great you guys are doing this.

I think if we see more of this happening it makes sense to create a section of Discourse - however, we’re mindful of making too many categories. Please go ahead & keep this going (you can use #introductions or #uncategorized) – and let’s chat again about it in future.

You could name your topics ‘COMMUNITY MEETUP: May 22, 2020’ or ‘gliders group’ or whatever you guys decide. Thanks for organizing!

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Hi Jack,

@Krivo, @sardamit and I are meeting in a little Gliders Group on Monday, 25/05 at 17.00 (CET) on Google Meet. We have moved our communication around this group of three Gliders to a private message but I like your idea of naming it something like “COMMUNITY MEETUP: date” should we create topics in the #introductions or #uncategorized categories.


I came across this thread, Nathanael, and just thought of sth.
You’re based in Berlin, Germany.
There’s a word “Mitglied” (Member for those who don’t read German), that sounds like Meet and Glide. What a coincidence!
And the bonding that this powerful word inspires is just very appropriate.
So Meet-Gliders for ex is simple to understand internationally, while including a german meaning if pronounced as such, sth closer to yourself, the initiator.
It’s just an inspirational moment.
I don’t pretend suggesting anything.
Thks for this ideation.
I also see that you’re a freelance PM…
We have more than 1 language in common…
PS: my German is not as fluent. But it influences my English sometimes.


Hopefully it influences the word “boot” for you, as for an English speaker that has to be the best stereotypical (German speaking English) sound. I recently heard a German newscaster say, “boots on the ground”, and if I had been drinking a beverage it would have been coming out of my nose. :laughing:

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Hi, Blake :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately, I’m quite “lost in translation” here. One of these awkward moment, when I understand each and every word of a sentence.
Yet have absolute no clue whatsoever what the whole idea could be.
I do have a Master’s in English dating back a whole generation, but it’s completely helpless here.

So in short, my face looks like a :question::grey_question:
:relaxed:(what do you mean?)

Blake, you’re very clear,
Yet I don’t understand.
Thks :cherry_blossom:

@L.M I’m a native English speaker of many years and even I didn’t understand Blake’s post :wink:

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