First test app I made with Glide

Demo App I made using glide and google sheet.
App link :
Below are few screenshots
If you login you will be able to create post
But at the moment it doesn’t show who posted it and the post doesn’t link with the user who created the post. That i want to create and i need help with it
I posted the help in the help section

In your form, you can use “special values”/“screen values” to capture the signed-in user’s rowID/email.

Then, create a single relation using that rowID/email back to the Users table.

You can then use lookups to retrieve the user’s name/photo, or use a collection to let people click and view the details of the user’s profile.

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Where i can find the Special values/Screen values?

You add it like a component on the form.


It can be junior school student