My 2023 Lab Version for Sharonᴾᴹ. App Glide En français

Hi :slight_smile:
I resumed my app Glide : Sharonᴾᴹ
This is a Lab Version just for you, with a separate sheet (just in case)

L’app est en français.
It’s in French, but you can have an idea what it does

It’s to facilitate self-learning & Product/Agile activities

  1. Memento : Glossary, KPI, Canvas
  2. Team Activities : Planning Poker, Ice-Breakers, Energizers, Retrospectives

With many multi-conditional Cloudinary stuffs (really cool to change images on-the-fly, I even use it to display an unavailable part of the features - the Job Interviews, now a separate app -, free to change that overlay text anytime!). Even mixing video miniatures vs images vs color, depending on what’s available in data columns (like a video, an image or nothing)

All the CSS done with the total help of the Community!

Should you have any ideas to help me improve
If you really need me to tell you how I did what you all already know how to
Please let me know

If I’m not wrong in the settings, you should all be able to enter without login.
But only the members with a First Name filled can enjoy the UI with their First Name all over the place.

I’m about to publish the public version as well, so if you find anything that bugs, please let me know.

Thks & Hope you’ll find this useful