UPDATE PLS TEST International Code Ice-Breaker (JS Column Code powered by George Glide) w/ your language accentuated names Nov 15 (Monday) : My WIP Prototype Sharonᴾᴹ

Hi, “Fellowship of Glide” 🧙‍♂️(for you, the Gandalf Wizard Stick @Darren_Murphy: it’s close to the golf club, right? I’m sure his swing “shall pass”).
Here’s the prototype I’m working on. Still WIP for many more months (Q2 2022), as I’m not even 1/2 time on it. I have spent < 1.5 months on it, bits by bits since mid July. I must pass my Product Manager continuous exams first. And the knowledge base part is huge.

But even as it is, I thought I may as well show you and let you test how it looks like on your different phones. I need to fill about 200 items of PM topics that I’ll actually write myself with intructor value and quality French.

Sharonᴾᴹ (Share + on + PM) is a Private Agent, anywhere, anytime, to empower PM here, but can adjust to any job/industry. I created Sharonᴾᴹ to serve multi-purposes: my Student (limited) projects & the future real Product.

Sharonᴾᴹ is a show case for a whole mindset: a 1 to 1 human-centric app with a future mascot to show empathy and trigger grapevine communication-based decisions.

Hence the door that suggests the 1 to 1 relationship instead of the 1 to N like any impersonal and “CTA-short-term-bait-oriented” home page, landing page, show room.
Sharonᴾᴹ calls you on 1st name basis, if you sign-in, and once you save your First Name in your Profile. Even in FAQ (The “Questions Bar”), where Sharonᴾᴹ answers to you and you ask Sharonᴾᴹ.

It’s in French, so, here are the key parts.
The app is a copy with a copy of GS. My examinators will access the production app till mid 2022. So I separate the 2 worlds, thks for your understanding. You never know…

  1. The Glassmorphism Door, the Pitch, the Eclipse half-button glowing in the dark.
  2. The Door slides and dissolves to The Main Lobby, to access the 4 Spaces : Memento, Best Practices, Job Interviews Questions & Agile Activities
  3. Each of the 4 Spaces (with some english subtitles)
  4. The “Questions Bar” = FAQ (wherever you see the fedora Indiana Jones/Humphrey Bogart hat)
  5. The symbolic Droplet

I hope it’s enough to test my app. Pls let me know if anything does not look right for you "except those damned markup text of course, still struggling). I’ll make the most of all new Glide updates step by step, as soon as I can afford to study them according to priorities. You’ll help me a lot before I present my prototype to anyone else.
Thks for your attention. Of course, I’ll need to do lots of “cleaning”, so, if sth hurts your eyes in the “code”, just let me know, I’ll add it to my technical debt in the backlog.

Anonymous: Sharonᴾᴹ calls you Guest (Invité.e) and invites you to connect/sign-in (Invité.e à te connecter)
Just Signed-in without First Name in Profile: Sharonᴾᴹ calls you Young Sharonee (Jeune Sharonee) and asks you for your First Name.
Signed-in: Your First Name is all over the place even in sentences. As if you own the place you’re visiting.

Thks for everybody that helped me on this, with all the available resources and threads I managed to gather, read, understand (+ or -) and pitfalls I’m prepared to avoid or strategies for the future: @Himaladin, @ThinhDinh, @Lucas_Pires, @Jeff_Hager, @Uzo, @Robert_Petitto, @eltintero and that’s only a few names-dropping.


La “scénarisation” est superbe… bravo bonne chance…

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Merci bcp, jabid :cherry_blossom: Oui, le storytelling est essentiel. Et mon décor reste à faire pour l’ambiance de chaque espace.
Tout s’affiche bien ? Tu utilises quel type de mobile ?

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Android. Un simple A9.
Tout est nickel.

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Par contre, j’ai eu un petit souci pour voir le bouton “connecter vous avec Google.” Il me semble que quelqu’un avait fait la remarque sur le pavé texte qui cachait le bouton du login. Sur mes apps, je n’ai pas ça. Je pense que c’est un bug.

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Et si tu affiches l’App en plein écran sans le menu bas Android et en installant l’icône sur ton accueil (coins arrondis et sans icône du navigateur, l’impression comme 1 app native ?
Moi aussi j’ai 1 A9 5"5.
Je veux bien 1 capture d’écran si tu peux.
Merci, jabid. Bonne soirée :cherry_blossom:

Je le fais je reviens vers toi…

La ça marche le bouton Google apparaît au dessus du pavé texte.

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That’s slightly spooky… in the golf society I belong to, I’m known as… Gandalf

Good luck with your prototype and your exams

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Oh… I’m often so good at educated guess that I can sometimes pass as “mentalist” :brain:
My mentor was flabergasted 2-3 times when my guessings were so accurate. Which allowed me to say "Well, then you know that my “intuitions” are not biases but actually can be very true with high probability thus rational reliability in product Management. I have my own “scientific tests”.
As with him, I have visual + auditive clues that I don’t with you.
It helps to understand people’s behaviour for UX continuous research and daily team leadership. There’s always so / & sth that can relate to you. So you help me to understand so sth else.
I’m Divergent btw. I interconnect and intertwine (spell checking required) everything even 30 years after. So that empirism is pushed outer limits. And everything makes new senses.
Thks, Darren for my exams. 2 last ones to go.

Golf Society calls you Gandalf because you have a magic staff? Like sometimes you reach the hole whatever the uneven green path is or thks to a providential unexpected wind, as though your ball is attracted by the hole?
Or just because you like to wear a pointy hat/beanie? :mage: and everything works like fire?

Yin Yang balance: intuitive vs rational + empirical :clap:

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Sth weird is happening on the sliding door page.
And I see the normal button on top for a short moment before the Eclipse.
And the 1st time it does not compute the template column where I use CSS to change the text color that was too white.

If you have better icon ideas for Job Interviews (I used checkmarks as I find suitcases too formal and old-school-boring), please let me know how to find them. You know how it’s tedious to find the right icon in Glide :grin:. Thks.

Ce n’est pas 1 bug lié à Glide, :slightly_smiling_face:, mais ton OS mobile qui pige que t’as besoin a priori du clavier Donc il te l’affiche contextuellement.
T’es obligé de scroller pour te douter qu’il y a d’autres options.

Update. Hoping this solves the issue. I show the hamburger again (looks like a sacred place) and decided to move the logo merged with the fedora hat.

I hope it’s OK. I’m seeing exactly the same thing.
Otherwise, I’ll resume work next saturday.
You should see this.
Isn’t that cute :grin:? This tiny hat?

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Now you are free from the previous logo placement problem.

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Yes :blush: Sometimes you need to “have a good feeling about sth”. Hopefully, Glide shall sooner or later let us customize the top hamburger menu icon (for the Logo or the Profile Pic) or the top right corner. I also found another solution at the same time for this hat that appears everywhere, without tediously redoing everything.
We tried and we found sth better & easier to maintain.
Good Job, Himaladin :cherry_blossom:
Should be OK for production and move on.
No, seriously, this tiny hat is just so cute like this :star_struck:Until I find a graphic designer to help me designing a more abstract hat. One fine day.

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If you have decided not to put the logo on the header, the door should be able to fill the full page. Or is it the goal to bring up the hamburger icon?

I was still having this pb on my Android, whatever I do + trouble with the horiz spacing for the title. So, I let the burger alone.

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I just added a dummy floating for you to test, @Jeff_Hager, @BlakeWS & @Stacey as the topic about “multiplying floating” just closed = Double Floating Button - Bug - Bugs - Glide Community (glideapps.com)
See screencap

To reproduce: go to my test app above https://labsharonpm.glideapp.io/
Once you passed the door, go to 4.Activités in the main “lobby” menu, then Planning Poker.
Type in search bar one of the Planning Poker “Fibonacci” Value : 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 20, 40, 80, 100 or ?
So the issue is still there.
I just avoid including a floating in swipe layouts ever since. But sometimes, it would be useful.