Hi, i created an App to organize helpful links and codes

In this App you can browse or post useful CSS, HTML, Scripts and Links.
It is easy to copy or share them.
CSS codes have a screen to test in action.
You don’t have to sign in to use it.

Please add some of your favorites there.
let me know if any bugs or room for improvement…
thank you.


Here are things I think you could improve upon:

  • Test CSS tab does not actually change any css
  • There is an audio component that does not have any audio on that same tab
  • You can’t really add css without html. Why not merge those two tabs?
  • On Test CSS, There is a random progress bar that doesn’t really explain anything
  • On Test CSS, there’s a side to side button component that doesn’t do anything
  • On Test CSS, there are two floating buttons that don’t do anything.

Great Job!

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test css is to see a effect of the code you will paste there, i put deferent object so you can see how they change, and experiment with a code,
only first button work, this is where you can drop CSS

You should have a section of best answers from the forum! Specially a @Jeff_Hager section with all the formulas :grinning:


Jeff who?? :rofl:


so fare i got 10 CSS codes there and 1 script

This is a great app and resource library - and a wonderful source of ideas too.

One idea you just gave me, @Uzo - can you replace the default screen when the screen is ‘empty’ (i.e. no values to present). For instance in your own app - screenshot…

And in my app I have cards to swipe through, and once you have run out of cards you end up with this default… but the next is not correct ‘There are no items yet.’

Is this possible, and if so, how? Thanks! M

just create one item and add column to indicate visibility 1, if someone add more items, it will set visibility for this item to 0, and add filter to show only items with visibility column equal 1

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this is not a point in his post…

we added new codes



670 logins ! yeah… thank you guys :wink:


Good work. I look at it frequently. Looking for the collapse expand CSS we need to add it. I sew it once here. cant find it now. Direct me and i will add the code myself into the code book DB

@Uzo i found a issue that needs your attention. in the codebook app i cant make a comment in the home section due to the banner blacking it. Also can you please add text entry in the test field.

@abe.sherman done… and done :wink:
thank you for pointing this out.

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Celebrating 1000 visits from Gliders! :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink:

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 11.57.17 PM



Hi Gliders,

Please can you share CSS to align to center the title of the page?

Isn’t it already centered?

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I just used the image above to explain what I want to achieve. Mine isn’t centred:


It’s a different theme. Also you would lose the all/favorites and filter part as CSS can only be applied to details screens. Do you wanna go ahead?

Oh no. I wouldn’t want to lose all that. Thanks a lot for checking this

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