Double Floating Button - Bug

The Floating Button component is duplicated, see screenshots below

Double button

Set Up

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Is it still there if you exit the builder to the dashboard, and then re-open the app?

Is this specific to the swipe layout? Can you share the app link so we can test?

Seems to only be affecting the swipe layout

Support Link: Glide

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Yes it’s still there. Deleted the button, exited>re-entered the builder and re-added the button; still duplicating

Please submit that to the support team with a new ticket. Only the Glide team can access that link.

It’s doubled up because the underlying swipe card is already rendered and waiting for you to swipe the top card away. That’s why two buttons show…because two cards are already rendered on the screen and stacked on top of each other and each card has it’s own floating button, but they both float to the top. I thinks it’s always done this.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager That’s odd, though. Are floating buttons not tied to the screen they’re placed in, considering other components aren’t doubling up

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A swipe layout screen is designed to always show two rows of data at once, instead of one row like a regular detail screen. Both cards are on the same screen and likewise both buttons are on the same screen. The information is just manipulated enough through code to layer the information into both cards on top of each other. Floating buttons are designed to always float on top of anything else on the screen. If there are multiple floating buttons, then they are designed to stack on top of each other. To answer your question, yes buttons are attached to the screen, but this screen does in fact have all components doubled up because you have a top card and the underlying card. Imagine a normal detail screen with a set of components, and then all of them duplicated again right below the first set. Then cut the screen in half and put one half on top of the other. It’s still one screen but layered, or folded in half.

In my opinion, the swipe layout just wasn’t coded well too handle floating buttons, and for several other reasons, I’m just not a big fan of that layout. Glide should be disabling any floating buttons on underlying cards. I don’t think there is an easy way for us to do that as users.

As a sort of fix, what you could probably do is create a rollup column in the data that will find the earliest swipe date. Then you can set button visibility to only show the button if the rollup date and swipe date are the same (since swipe always attempts to show the oldest card first). If both dates match, then you are most likely currently viewing the oldest card and only that card will have the button rendered. It’s not a perfect fix though. It will probably work great as long as the swipe date is populated in all rows and unique for each row. The problem is if the swipe date is still empty in multiple rows, or matches in multiple rows…then you’ll still get two floating buttons because multiple rows will match the rollup and cause the button to become visible.


I don’t have this problem on my swipe app with a floating button. Neither in the builder, nor on the phone. I don’t have any visibility conditions on the floating button, and no rollups used.

I just don’t use the app because the swipe doesn’t work well on my phone…


What does your button do? I wonder of it differs for some reason due to the type of action. Maybe some part of the action becomes inactive or is not completely accessible on the underlying card, so it doesn’t display.

The button action is set column, which sets a boolean to true in the Google Sheet. Visibility of the text and image component on the lower half of the page depend on that.


Do you have more than one swipe card?

Yes, there are 1000 cards in each of the 2 sets.

Thks, Jeff, I understand now what I believed was a very easy to reproduce bug. So if the floating button multiplies itself x 2, 3, etc whenever there’s a search launched, that’s because the swipe list is trying to show several cards that match the criteria. And the button’s “clones” all disappear once the search bar is reset to null.
So all I can do is not showing the floating button (there’s already much to do with swipe cards, anyway).

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Hmm. I haven’t played with the swipe layout for quite a while and probably never tried to use search with swipe, but I just tested what you are experiencing. The last I remember was that the button from the underlying card would always float to the top, even without doing a search. I wonder if Glide made a change to fix that within the last couple of weeks. Maybe they started preventing the underlying floating button from floating to the top, but when you use the search, that still shows the button like it used to.

Then again @BlakeWS wasn’t seeing double buttons and @Stacey was. I wonder if either of them can verify if any functionality has changed recently or how their app reacts with the search bar. I haven’t had enough experience with swipe to say for sure.

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Hi, Jeff :slightly_smiling_face: Well I believe the behavior is still the same, as my prototype is still fresh.
I love the swipe UI for it’s kinesthetic touch that mimics reality, and as many people do have kinesthetic learning mode, in addition to reading or hearing, writing, it helps.
I use it for job interviews self training cards, for ex. You see an unknown face (avatar) asking you a question. And you swipe to the next question. And ideally, if Glide can make audio player invisible or very discreet, I would be able to vocalise the interview questions for more impact.
So the floating button (to submit a new job interview question) does not matter, I can place it in any other inline list layout instead where you can see all questions at once.
I’ll see the topics about swipe layout to follow up.
Thks for your insights.

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@Jeff_Hager I didn’t understand that having a search bar was part of the issue. I wasn’t using one, so I added it to try. Below is the result of a search, and then floating button press. So neither of them have double floating buttons.

However, now that I look again at @Stacey 's original screenshot I see that her card layout is part of a screen, (the back arrow being the clue), and I don’t have that as my structure. I have tabs, each with a swipe layout for the target language.

EDIT: I added the screen navigation, with swipe layout, and floating button and I still can’t replicate the double floating button.


Clear as mud. I’m not sure what’s going on, or why it works in some cases, but not in others. :man_facepalming:

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I kept writing “card” where I meant to write “swipe” above - updated now. Still no double floating buttons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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