Community Digest: New Image Gallery Component + Bug Fixes

Happy Monday, Gliders! :wave:

We’re trying something new: a recurring digest of what’s up at Glide.

Here’s what you might’ve missed from the past week…

Tutorial: Image Gallery & Multi-Image Array column :framed_picture::framed_picture::framed_picture:

As you’d expect, @Robert_Petitto is on the ball with a new video covering our recently-launched Image Gallery component, Multi-Image Picker component, and Multi-Image Array column type.

Check out his community thread for more details. Speaking of Robert…

Replay: Building a companion app for IT helpdesks :arrow_forward:

We also had Robert on for last week’s Build With Glide session. He showed us how to build a companion app for IT helpdesks using Glide’s new OpenAI integration. Watch the recording on YouTube.

The AI fun isn’t over yet! Our next Build session is this Thursday with @grumo.

RSVP for Thursday at 1pm ET / 10am PT →

App showcase: Surplus veggie connections :tomato:

@Corentin_G is using Glide to build an MVP for a peer-to-peer app that helps people sell surplus vegetables from their gardens. Take a look and share your feedback.

Winner announced for our G2 Community Challenge :tada:

Congratulations to @abdo for winning our second Glide Community Challenge!

We invited everyone to participate by writing an honest Glide review on G2. Abdo was chosen at random from the many entries we received.

Miss out on the challenge? Don’t worry! Our next challenge is coming up soon… :eyes:

Shipped: New Glide features & bug fixes :ship:


  • Allow apps to choose between camera and photo roll, or camera only
  • Create a multiple images column, an if you bind it to an image picker component, it’s going to turn into a multi-picker. (This is only available on Glide Tables and Glide Big Tables for the time being.)
  • Ability to configure the Comment button label
  • Add font size to your image containers for bigger emojis :elephant:
  • Multiple file uploads and image carousels now available in Preview


  • Calendar button not displaying correctly
  • Some experimental plugins not appearing under Integrations
  • Link picker showing the configurator for “Max Choices”
  • Drop shadow on the Add To Home Screen dialog box
  • Emoji size in collection images

That’s it for this week!

Was this helpful? Any suggestions on how we can improve it? Leave a reply and let me know. :pray:


Love email digests like these. Thanks for providing?