🆕 Multiple Uploads


One of those long awaited features .
Glide you beauty! :muscle:

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Super happy if this can upload multiple images… :slight_smile:

You can, but at the moment it’s a bit raw, since only the first image shows up in an image component.

More room for improvement.


I’m hoping that Images Array is the first step toward image sliders… :pray::heart_eyes:

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Multiple Files are not yet supported only multi image , I don’t know if its on plan, is it @ThinhDinh ?

Just images at the moment.

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Yeah definitely still a work in progress.

Would be nice to limit the number and size of images or files to be uploaded :blush:

I’m sure the glide team will get round to that soon.

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@kabookie Playing with it right now :blush:

As you can see everyone is happy



Does multi-image upload not work if you are using Airtable as your source?

I think it has to be a “Multiple Images” column for it to work.

@Darren_Murphy Not sure if it is just me, but does the “Multiple Images” column automatically turn to a user-specific column when you use a Google Sheet?

I think it’s in the grey area of not being a calculated column and also not being a Sheet column.

I’ve not tested with an attached Google Sheet, but I know that it’s only supported with native tables, so I think that behaviour makes sense.

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Just wanted to confirm that the multi-file upload is not yet shipped as I can’t find the component, however glide says its shipped images and file

Yes it is. Use a file picker component, and direct it at a Multi-File column type.


I don’t think so unless this has since changed?

So does it work or not in your case? I don’t use Airtable so just asking if we can help with anything here. Also, does creating a multiple image column in an Airtable table result in a user-specific column in Glide or not?