New Multiple Image & File Upload - Future Tweaks

The new multiple image and file upload component is great and will work well for many use cases, however there are some additional features which would super charge this.

Ideal solution would be to merge the multi upload functionality with holding the images and files in individual data columns. This maintains flexibility for which images and files are displayed and used where.
One possible way to do this would be to set a maximum for the number of files or images that can be uploaded each time, say 10. Then you could have 10 columns in the data and map the fields.

Displaying Images & Files:
The image component seems to automatically display as a carousel when linked to a multi image column. An added option for a gallery view with 2 column, 3 column, 4 column etc options would be excellent. Then you can see all the images and click on each to open or download.

Do you know how to display files that ae uploaded using the multiple files uploader?

There is no such thing as a Multiple File Picker. You can only upload multiple images with an Image Picker and a Multiple Image column type.

If you are referring to Images, then you need to use an Image component to display them.

Sorry but there is a multiple file uploader.


there are two ways, with image component or link component.


Sorry about that. I guess I missed the memo on that. :person_facepalming:

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No worries :grin:

Maybe you find a solution for listing the files and showing them somehow.

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I think what @Antonino_Nolasco shows above both appear to be good options.

You’ll soon be able to use the “Link” Component to view multiple files.


You can already do it @Robert_Petitto
See my image above

Oh nice. I heard that it was coming…crazy that they shipped it this quickly!

Already have a use case. Can you append files, or does a new upload overwrite what was there? Haven’t really played with the feature yet.

Yes you can do it @Jeff_Hager . Just add a button to show a new screen, insert the file picker component there and then add the new files in addition to the existing ones.


Ah, brilliant. Thank you!

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What is the link component called I can’t find it.

This is getting closer to usable, but we still need the ability to click an image in the carousel and go to the link for that specific image, or perform another action based on that image link.


Would it be possible to include an option to compress pictures on upload?

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This please :raising_hand_man:

I’m not sure what happens in the background, but it was my understanding that when you upload an image to Glide and Glide stores it for us, Glide compresses it and optimizes it for display. I could be mistaken.