I can't use the multiple image in the image picker

The “multiple images” column is not appearing as selectable in the image picker data

(When looking for tutorials I saw that I had to enable it in previews, but this option is not appearing for me)

This column can only be added to Glide Tables, Big Tables, and maybe Airtable. Are you using one of those?

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What kind of team plan are you on?

In addition…

  • you need to create a multiple images column before it can be used. Have you done that?
  • if you can’t find the column type at all, it could be that you have a Classic App. Neither of the Multiple Images or Multiple Files columns are available with Classic Apps.
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i was trying to use it on google sheets, then i tried to recreate the form with a glide tables and it worked

I don’t think Airtable works.

This may be the situation you are running into?

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