Image Picker in Container Form does not work

Hi, the image picker in the container form does not work for me. I have created a multiple image data column - but as soon as I move the image picker into the form the column is not shown in the data section. What can i do? Thanks for any help

Hi @Sebastian_Schafer

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Can you share screen shot of your Layout or Data to help you?
Do you have some filters or visibility option? Row owners?

Hey, Sure. Attached the screenshot of data and layout. I have no filters or visibility options. Also no row owners.

As soon as I move it out of the containner form I can upload multiple images

Hi @Sebastian_Schafer

It seems in your data, the “column 15” is not a “multiple image”

Is there a reason why your Foto column in user specific? Typically you cannot fill user specific columns within a form because a row needs to first exist with an assigned RowID for user specific columns to work.

When you are inside of a form, you don’t have a row yet, so there is no RowID. There would be no way for Glide to link the user specific values to the correct row. Glide technically stores user specific values in a separate hidden table that contains information about the parent table, row, column, and user that it belongs to. Glide needs to be able to retrieve the correct user specific values, so it needs to know beforehand, which row that data belongs to.

RowID’s are generated after the row is created, so you cannot fill user specific columns before the RowID exists.


Is your data in a google sheet?

Hi, yes! I cant selecht the multiple image column though - it doesnt appear

Hi, Yes my data is in a google sheet! How can I solve this?

Hi, no this shouldnt be a user specific column - how can I remove/change that?

Hey, I dont think it is actually user specific

I also dont have the column on the google sheet, I added it in the data table in glide.

From your earlier screen shot, the “Foto” column is definitely User Specific:

The fact that the icon is blue indicates that it is user specific. In fact, because that table is attached to a Google Sheet that column can only be user specific.

My advice would be to migrate the data in that table to a native Glide Table, then you’ll be able to create the column as a “normal” (not user specific) column.