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When I use an image picker within a form it only selects one image, I wanted it to be able to select multiple images, is this a bug or a feature of the form?

I created a column of multiple images and it is accessible everywhere I added an image picker, except in the insertion form, and I really need this to work for me, when I select the column of multiple images in the insertion form, the multi-image column does not appear to be used.

The Multiple Image column isn’t User Specific, is it?
Let me guess - you are using Google Sheets or Airtable as a Data Source? :thinking:

I’m using Google Sheets, the idea is to register a property, an image picker for the featured image and another image picker for all other images of the property, this in the registration form, I was able to use it when I created a page with a custom form, but some inputs pulled data from the last line inserted, and this is a serious error, as I am new to glide I am trying to learn as I create the app

It’s not an error, it’s expected behaviour.

If you look closely at the column, you should find that it is User Specific. This is the expected behaviour when you add a Multiple Images column to a table that is connected to a Google Sheet.

The reason that you were able to use it with a Custom Form is that custom forms can write data to User Specific columns, whereas native Forms cannot.

If you want to use a Multiple Images column with a native Form, then you will need to create the column in a native Glide Table (one that is not connected to a Google Sheet), and use it there.

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glide’s native table, it would be creating a table that is not the one from google sheets, but rather the white one with the title “New table”, right?

Yes, that’s correct.

And actually, I should correct myself because I mis-spoke earlier.

The above is not strictly true. It is possible to target (regular) user specific columns with a native Form, but it is not something you would normally do. But regardless, you cannot target a User Specific Multiple Images/Files column with a native form.


thanks a lot

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