Multiple Images Column Pre-selects User Specific

I’m trying to use the Multiple Images feature but the issue is that I use Google Sheets. When I Create a Multiple Image Column in Glide’s data editor, it automatically marks the column as user specific which prevents other users from viewing images that are uploaded by a different user.
If I use Glide table to add Multiple Image column, it lets me check or uncheck user specific.

I would like to not have Multiple Images column as user specific in my Google Sheets. I can not transfer everything to new Glide table because Google Sheet is a must in my case scenario so non app users can also view the data in Google Sheets.

Is there a work around or an explanation as to why Glide marks Multiple Images function as user specific if its Google Sheets?

What you could do is:

  • Create the Multiple Image column in a native Glide table as a non-user specific column
  • In the table that’s connected to the Google Sheet, create a Joined List column that targets the Multiple Image column.
  • Use an action to write the joined list into a non-computed column in the same table.

This will give you a column in your Google Sheet that contains a comma separate list of the image links.

When I try to make a joined list column in google sheet connected table, it doesn’t give me the option to choose Multiple Image column thats in native Glide table

mmm, yes. I just tested and you’re right. That’s not what I would have expected.

Anyway, try creating the Joined List column in the native table first (that should work), and then pull that Joined List into your Google Sheet connected table via a relation or single value column. That should also work.

I m having the same issue but I don t get your idea can you help me with more details please