🖼️🖼️ Glide Image Gallery and Multiple Image Picker

:wave: Hey Gliders!

Learn how to create a photo gallery in Glide using 3 BRAND NEW FEATURES!

  • Image Gallery component
  • Multiple image picker
  • Multiple Image Array Column

See an alternative build by @Loqode’s Marco Volpato: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Can we also Query all images in all rows to create a separate image gallery screen with all the images of all the hotels?

Thanks @Robert_Petitto nice tutorial.

Hoping in the future glide will allow us to put some kind of limit to the number of images allowed.

I can see some users going ‘image upload crazy!’

Have a great weekend!

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That would work too! No need to query though if you’re just grabbing all. Just use a lookup column and point it to the sheet directly.

It would also be neat to allow users to drag and drop the order of the images within the picker.

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Is there some way to determine what element in the array (pic showing).
For example: I have pics in my array. If I am looking at pic 2, is there a way to get the value of the pic I am on?

As in the URL of the image?

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No, if the pic is the 3rd in the array, I would like to know the place value (#3).

Nice tutorial! Curious if Google Cloud Vision can work on multiple images array column. Guess Ill have to try it out!

Yes this :arrow_up:. I came here to make the same suggestion after working with the new feature - which I love, other than this one thing. If others are able to upload images, I want to limit to 5 or 10 or… so it doesn’t get out of hand.


Ah. I don’t think this is possible. Front end filtering/navigation interactions don’t impact data that can be inspected or leveraged in the app.

It would make a nice feature request though!

`Okay, this is a big request - when I have a gallery of images, I add the action to “go to url” so that on a mobile device, the user can tap the image and enlarge it and zoom in. This does not look possible with the new slider as it currently is set up. One of my use cases is to zoom in to view a restaurant menu. If a url is assigned to each image, this should be possible. Thanks.

Interesting. I’m guessing it won’t let you add an image array column to the cloud vision field. If it does, I imagine it would only analyze the first image. If I’m wrong, then this will be a powerful feature!

I second this request! Open Link doesn’t work with array columns. It would be amazing if we could have an action per image. This would also allow us to open/download images from the gallery if we wanted to allow it.


nope, it doesnt work at all.

@kabookie Even though my solution is somewhat redundant now… just tested “Go To URL” and it works.
Any other action would work too since it’s just a regular image component pulling in a single image at a time.


Wouldn’t one column work in your case when you use “Single value > From start”?

Then you can just increment and decrement that index, but it will take a toll on your updates count.

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Wow @ThinhDinh, I’ve never used the “From Start” option in a Single Value column before, so I had no Idea this was possible! Thank you for pointing this out, much cleaner solution… :pray:

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@ThinhDinh You’d still need the Count and a Math column no? As Glide would need to know when they reach the last slide, so it can reset to the first etc… But if there are 15 slides, the last slide would be #14 (as the array starts at 0) so you’d need to -1 from the Count to let Glide know that you’ve reached the the last slide… Or am I missing something :sweat_smile:

Ya, just watched your video again. As @ThinhDinh said, a single value column is easier. I’d also use a mod formula to cycle through the images. No need for slices and conditional actions with set columns…just simple increment columns: