Google drive file not appearing

My app’s URL: none, yet, cannot see my google drive files on glide.
I have an excel file on my google drive but it does not appear on glide. I tried numerous time, reload etc. I also tried to log out, even use another account, removed all excel formula just to check… it still does not appear. Could you please help? Thanks!

Hi @aag_ragiac,

Thanks for writing in. Can I ask if you’ve converted the file type from Excel to Google Sheets within your Google Drive?

Many thanks,


Hi Tom,
Thanks for answering! No, I did not…

Not to worry, @aag_ragiac .

I think we’ve identified the issue. Here’s some information that might be helpful for converting files from Excel to Google Sheets:

Once converted, the file should appear within Glide. I’m at your disposal if you need any further assistance.

Bye for now,


Hi Tom,
Back to Glide. Thanks for helping. It works now.

Great to hear it, @aag_ragiac. Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with.