Form data being sent clears formatting in sheets

Hey Glide devs, it seems something has changed with how form data is being sent to sheets. When data is sent now, all formatting for the submitted row’s various cells is being cleared. For example, any font choices for a column are set to Default (Arial) and any background cell colors that would otherwise be copying from the row above are reset to the default of no color. This is a pretty major change for my app, since some of my google scripting relies on sheet formatting for its logic. I have color coding in my sheets that is used by my google scripts to clear out specific chunks of data upon any change to the sheet.

Is this a permanent thing? CCing @Mark @david @JackVaughan because I don’t want to list this as a bug… but hoping it can be resolved somehow.

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If you reset the formatting for the entire column, does it stick?

It does not. No. It does if I manually insert a blank row at the bottom of the sheet in google sheets itself. But when data is sent from Glide, all data now comes in with a default Arial font and a default colorless background for the cell. This was not the case two days ago when I last sent data to the sheet from my app.

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Really hoping this is a bug or something I may have done wrong (although I haven’t touched my app or the sheets in days, so I can’t imagine what could have caused the change other than on Glide’s end). Aside from my use-case which relies on formatting for scripting and has pretty serious ramifications for my app, retaining formatting like color coding, bolding, italics and whatnot is extremely useful for reviewing your data in your sheets. Seems odd not to let users control that.

I think I have an idea of what’s going on. Will look into it.

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It also explains the problem with date formatting, set in gsheet and reset when Glide adds rows.

I have a workaround which works quite well :
Row #1 as column headers, insert a row #2 with dummy data (no unique ID in order to filter this row out in your list). Then if you have date columns, for exemple, type the today() formula in the row #1 cell(s). Format the dates as you want in gsheet (select the entire column).

When Glide will had new rows, the date format will remain as you set it when adding the row#1 today formula. Even when displayed using component in your Glide app.

I don’t explain why, but it works.

Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about Date formatting. I have a bunch of dates that need to retain their formatting just simply for the purpose of styling in glide (a simple month/day/year display rather than the entire string). Thanks for the tip! I’ll give that a try if need be. But hopefully, we’ll get this resolved.

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The formatting issue should be fixed now. @John_Cabrera could you please confirm?


And we are back, folks! :raised_hands:

All is good now. Thank you! :pray: