Google Sheet does not match data view in Glide

I think you could have done something similar using the “table graphic” in google sheets and sharing it´s url.

Thanks for the suggestion. Haven’t tried that. Has it worked for you? Would love to see an example!

I tried something similar with graphs (pasting the URL into a Glide Image component). I don’t think it updated as quickly as Rich Text. Also, because it was an image, I had a hard time making the scaling consistent across displays and orientations.

You´re right. It updates slower than rich text and scaling is a problem.

I had a similar problem, a phantom row in the data manager. My data had a relation in it but I think the problem came when I inserted a new row above row 2 (i.e. my first data row) and but the data manager copied row 2 and held it as a phantom row 2 in the data manager. I refreshed the browser after following this chain and it fixed the problem so don’t have any screenshots but I think it’s confusing insert with copy.

since today I have the problem, that data are not synced to Google Spreadsheet. Changes in the Spreadsheet are transferred to Glide, but not the other way around. It doesn’t matter, if I type it in over a form or directly change it under “Data”. This is really strange, since yesterday it was working fine. Then I added some LookUp and IF Then Else Columns and now nothing. I even undid all my changes, but still nothing.
Can it be a problem with the spreadsheet API?

Another thing, which I was doing before it didn’t work anymore, was making a test payment with stripe using a dummy Number 4242424242424242. Can this have any affect. I also did not find the data coming with that Payment in a new sheet (ID, Price, SKU, …)

@Sven_Baumgarten That dummy number should only work in Glide’s staging instance. Are you sure that ever worked in “proper” Glide?

Also, could you please share the app that doesn’t sync properly anymore?

Hello, thank you for the fast response. so far I have only created the app (Buy Locale) as a free version. But I wanted to upgrade to Pro Version as soon as the App works well. One important step is the payment. So I have tried it with this app over my account on I added the Buy Button and selected the relevant data. After I did the test payment, it said “payment successful” or something like that. But I was wondering, why I don’t see the “App: Purchases” data in my sheet.

But now the sync does not work anymore, it doesn’t matter, if I use it over my Mobile Phone or directly with the browser. How can I share the app for checking it?

With Staging Instance you mean ? I have not set it up there.

You can just send me the link to the app :wink:

This is the Link:

Thank you. This is fixed now.

Thank you. But what was the reason? Was it because of the test payment? I don’t need that to happen again, especially when I go productive and customers are using the app.

Would you suggest, that I use the instance directly then? Can I copy the app to that instance?

No, staging is just for testing.

My best guess for what happened was that you deleted the purchases sheet in Google Sheets, and then you made a new sheet with the same name. That triggered a bug in our backend that tried to recreate the sheet (sheets are identified by a hidden ID, not by name), but Google Sheets doesn’t let you create a sheet if one of the same name already exists. If you don’t delete the sheet again everything will be fine. If you do delete it again, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday for things to start working yet again because that’s when the bugfix will go live.

Hi there,

I’m having a sync issue too.
I’ve removed some tabs in my spreadsheet, but they still display in Glide.
It looks like the sync from the spreadsheet to Glide is lost.
It still syncs from Glide to the spreadsheet though.

I tried reloading both Glide and the spreadsheet, it doesn’t change anything.
Here is the project :

Could someone help?
Thank you!

If you duplicate the app, would it sync correctly?

Thanks for the super quick answer!
Duplicated, glide and sheet, but it still doesn’t sync.

Did you receive an email telling you that the app can not sync with the Sheet?

Otherwise I would contact support for help.

I didn’t.
It still syncs from Glide to Sheet though.

Also, I noticed that the Google Sheet can no longer sync.
Maybe Glide changed something that broke the Google sync and my changes stay offline only.

From the screenshot here, is your Internet connection unstable?