Glide Data Column not syncing with google sheets column

Hello guys,

I am having some difficulty with the syncing between data tab and g sheets. I added new column in data tab but they are not visible in the g sheets.



Hi Melisa,

Can we see some screen shots of your app and said column which is not syncing?

Rollup column

You mean the rollup column is not syncing with the data from sheet? Sorry if I don’t understand well, can you explain what you’re trying to achieve here with the rollup column? Thank you.

The rollup column and several other columns are internal to Glide. They do not sync back and will not show up in the sheet. The only columns that you can create within Glide and have show up in the sheet are the RowID column and any of the Basic columns as long as they are not set to User Specific.


hmm. ok.

I am currently trying to great a very basic inventory log with pallets in and pallets out with a count of availability. Some advices?

Do you really need the data in the sheet? If so, you will have to perform the vlookups, sumifs, and any other formulas (to simulate the glide equivalent of relations, lookups, and rollups) in the actual sheet to have the values accessible within the sheet. Like I said earlier, Glide specific columns are kept within glide only to help keep your data clean and improve speed.

hello there,

I have the same issue. I have updated my google sheet, but the data won’t update accordingly even though I am using the pro acc.

@Chloe Could you share your app, please?

Hi Mark,

I’ve come to the same issues like before. Unable to reload my sheet. My app name HẠT_Your Virtual Diet mentor

@Chloe Please share a link to your app.

Hello, mine is