Can't use lookup column data for maps?

I have a map screen and map components in other screens.

For both, I’m unable to select any Lookup Column values in the data fields (map view or list view). I can only pull in standard data that lives in the sheet itself, not Glide’s data editor.

Normal behavior?

It is true for some other layouts as well (Using looked up email to filter based on signed in user, for instance. Or using a looked up image link to show images/avatars).

thank you for the heads up! A combination of Array and Vlookup formulas might work?

Yes. That has to happen in the Google Sheets though.

As a best practice, I have started building logic inside the Glide Builder and would like these to work when I build the logic in the builder.

Thanks. Could you clarify the last sentence?

and would you have concerns with array + lookup when working with 1500+ rows? I find that they’re not consistent.

Is your lookup attached to a single or multiple relation?

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Using a lookup column to check for signed in user shouldn’t be a problem.

I was. Changed it to single and that fixed it. thanks as always.

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