Display Lookup Column Data in Google Sheet


Is there a way I can display a Lookup Column’s data inside of a Google Sheet? I need to use that data in the sheet for a formula. Lookups do not display in the Google Sheet.

Thank you!

No. That’s not possible. Computed columns (such as Lookups) are calculated on each users device.
If you need the data in the Google sheet, then you’ll have to replicate the Lookup there - probably using a VLOOKUP() function.


Oh Ok I will try this. Thanks!

How can I create a lookup if I can’t see that data in Google Sheets?

Well, you can only work with the data you have in your Google sheets.
Your Glide Lookup will be based on a relation, that joins two sheets/tables using a common key.
Do both of those sheets, and the common keys, exist in your Google sheets?
If yes, then you should be able to replicate your Glide Lookup using a VLOOKUP() function.
If no, then you might need to work backwards a little bit.
Without seeing your data, it’s a little difficult to say.

You mentioned that you need this in order to feed into a Google sheet formula. Have you explored the option of replicating that formula in Glide?

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Ah got it! Yes, both ‘common keys’ are in the google sheet. I had a vlookup formula in there, but had no idea what it meant, now from what your’re saying understand what data its trying to pull. Thank you!

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