Data from glide is not available

PROBLEM: I’m stuck on something:
I imported data from Airtable. In the MAP component > ACTION tab > open click, I can see the data from the Airtable tables but not the data I created in Glide. Specifically, I generated a URL (deeplink) using an internal Glide formula, and it’s not being suggested to me.

Your lookup column is an Array, meaning it can potentially contain multiple items. You are trying to place an array of multiple items into a container that can only hold a single value. How you you creating that Lookup column?

In one table there is company information and in another there is geographical information about the stores. A company has several stores. the map displays the stores and I want by clicking on a pin to open the company file.
So I created the deep links of the company files from the companies table and I call them in the stores table to use them in the map module. I almost succeeded but I don’t understand why glide doesn’t offer me to choose the deep link contained in the stores table

I found the solution, indeed Jeff you were right the table could return several results.
So I used “single value” to limit to one result and it works now.

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If you are using a relation as the source of that lookup column, you could have also changed the relation from a multiple to a single relation.

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Are you doing that from Airtable or Glide?

That would be in Glide.

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