Lookup lists not showing up in Glide

Hello! I am having issue getting Lookup columns to show up as a data source on my table.

Here, the Session table has a lookup column called “What to bring (from Class)”. However, in Glide any lookup column does not show as a possible data source.

Is this possible?

Is the first screenshot from Airtable? What type of field is it showing up as on your Glide data view?

Yup, the first screenshot is from Airtable.

Here’s how it shows up in Glide

Any linked lists show up with the blue arrow, and works fine (see below). However, Lookup lists don’t seem to show.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 5.53.22 PM

Sources are derived from rows. Whether that is directly using a table, using a glide relation, or using an airtable linked record. What you are trying to use is essentially an array. Arrays may be derived from rows of data (not always), but they are fundamentally different from rows, so they can not be a data source for a collect. Glide lookups and Airtable lookups are not really rows of data. They are just arrays of of values.

Long story short, you can’t do what you are trying to do. Use a glide relation or airtable linked record as your data source.