Sync a column from one glide table to another glide table


I have list of items in a Column in one glide table. I want to sync column to a column in another glide table, so that whenever a new item is added to this column, it gets added to a column in another glide table.
I know how to do it in Google Sheet (using ={}) but not sure how can we achieve it in Glide Table (trying to create App by using Glide Table maximum).

Can anybody help me? @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto

Interesting question. I am thinking if you have sequence numbering for each of your rows then you can have a relation and single value to bring it to another column in another sheet, using that number as a relation.

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Thank you for your view.
However, I would need atleast numbers in another sheet to achieve what you said.

My purpose of achieving this is to avoid Row counts which, if used in Google sheets, will exceed 500. Is there any direct way which can populate sequence numbers or the entire column to another glide table?

Yeah you’re right about this part. I should think of another way.

Doesn’t Glide Table rows also take up rows like Sheet rows?

No, I don’t think that Glide Table rows are counted as Sheet Rows. But, in glide table, instead of manually entering Serial Numbers, I would want that to be automatically populate in another glide table.

Exact same thoughts as @ThinhDinh. You would need some sort of value to use for a relation to bring in values from another sheet. If there was a way to auto populate a sheet (especially with a UNIQUE type of formula) within glide, I’d be all over that. Also, using Glide Tables should still count against your row count. They just wouldn’t count against sheet edits.

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I tried using your advice to make relation which actually worked (the only additional thing I had to do is to manually fill up serial numbers in another glide table, which I want to avoid in future)

However, I found some issue here. You can find below a relation column I created using above solution.

but when I am trying to add inline list, it does not show this relation column (only shows my another relation column).

Can you please guide if this is an error or intentional behavior considering that the second relation column is made up from the single value column?

Is it a single or multiple relation?

Thanks. I selected Single Relation as those were unique values. But when I changed it to Multiple relation, it started working. Thank you so much.

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I am not sure if I am wrong, but when I added another 60 rows in glide table manually, it did not raise row limits. Is this bug or intentional?
As far as I remember, I thought, using glide table does not increase your rows limit.

I’m basing purely off this post, unless something has changed recently.

Looks like they may be working on mirroring for the future.

You are correct. it is consuming my row limit. but it does not show up until I add it to App.
As soon as I add any component which is using these additional rows, there is an increased row usage.

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Is there any news on this ?

News on what?

Sorry, about a solution to avoid Sheet mirroring…