"List Relation" is missing features that "Inline List" has (Sorting and Filtering)

Hi there! I want to display some related items in a view, and I saw that the “Inline List” item has some awesome features like Filtering and Sorting. My related items sometimes have a particular value blank, so I want to filter those out and then sort the remaining items. But, sometimes there are so many related items that it makes the page too long. So I switched to a “List Relation” item doesn’t support Filtering or custom Sorting.

Can these features be added to the List Relation item?


Hi Connor,
A way around this is to create a second sheet in google
use query with a filter command to filter out all the blanks
then use that filtered sheet in glide.

Remember Glide does not calculate, it just presents. Most of your filtering and calculations can be done in google and google has no limits as to how many sheets, columns calculation etc you can do. So its good if we can capitalize on the free functions we have in google.

Sure, that’s a good workaround, but clearly Glide has already built this functionality since it works in the Inline List item. Would be much simpler to surface the same functionality on the List Relation item.

My concern is that as end users we could end up shooting ourselves in the leg by asking glide to provide us with features that were already free on google.

If we keep doing that we will end up paying unnecessarily for something that was free.

I want glide app to remain reasonably priced as they are the only one of its kind to give so much functionality for so little.

Check out an app named appsheet, It does all you are asking using google sheets, with so much more features but it cost $10 for each person you allow access to your app.

The worst part about it, appsheet started out just like glide very efficient and effective at just presenting whatever is in your google sheet.

However people kept requesting google sheet’s function to be placed in the app until appsheet began to add the spreadsheet formulas to the app “Something that was free”, in turn they had to start charging users for these free features.

What end up happening their operations cost skyrocketed and they were forced to charge app users a lot of money for unnecessary features.

This is how I myself found Glide because appsheet became too expensive and redundant by placing all google sheets free functionality in the app and then charging for it.

You are right it will be easier to place some of google’s features right in the app, but is it worth it?. Once you set up your glide app, and all your filters and formulas in google, you don’t have to touch them again.

So all i’m saying let us as a community do our part to keep glide slim and trim and not bloated with unnecessary features that we already have on the google end.:grinning:

Sorry i’m just traumatized from having to abandoned my previous platform and starting all over again. I really love glide and Cant afford it if it gets any more expensive.

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@connor_g I took a look and it looks like what you want is available. Click on the list relation component on the right side and open the features tab. There you will see the filter and sort options.

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Oh wow! I was looking for it by going into the details of the List Relation item and it was missing from the Features tab there, but you’re right, if you are looking at the page that contains the List Relation you can set the sorting and filtering options there!

Thanks for noticing that!


Request satisfied and marked as solved, topic archived.