Select a user as a visitor in a shop app


I try to make a shop app for 30 users. I want to do it with the free version of glide.
But I can’t have more than 10 public user with the free version of glide.

So in the free version, my 30 users gonna be visitors.

What I want in my app:

  • when my user (visitor) Alex, Clement or Alexis enter in the app they can choose their name in a list

  • and after they can choose the drinks or candy’s they want. The items they choose will be related to the name choosen before.

  • at the end the items and the name of the buyer will be added in a sheet.

My problem it’s that I can’t relate the name choosen with the items selected (2nd step) and so at the 3rd step i can’t have a sheet with a name related to a item.

I need your help please.


PS: I’m new on Glide, I don’t understand a lot of thing. Your help would be appreciated.

What if there are two Alex in the database? I don’t think this is a secure way to design it.

If you plan to upgrade in the future, you should try the Business plan for 14 days and then see if it works for you, and upgrade accordingly after the trial expires.

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The names I put are just example. In my version there will be the first and the last name.

I really want it to works in the free version. But i can’t manage the relation between the item and the user selected.

It’s not that there won’t be a workaround for what you want, but if you have 30 users constantly using your solution, then I don’t feel like it’s out of the line for each of them to pay $1 to pay for a Starter plan for you to develop the app in a secure way.

Personally, I wouldn’t use an app knowing that it is not built with data security in mind. I might get all data from all users if you try a workaround like the one you described.

I totally understand what you trying to say. Security is important.

In my situation it’s not an serious app, that is to say that all 30 members are like family members, I know them very well. This app is to simplify the management of our little grocery store in our office.

I don’t have any further recommendations, just want to warn you that such usage might go against Glide’s Terms and Conditions.

The key points are:

  • You can create public apps or private apps
  • Public apps are available to anyone
  • Private apps are only for internal users you approve
  • Glide can reclassify a public app as a private one
  • Private apps are charged at a different rate than public apps

I understand, thank you anyway.

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