Multiple Sellers on Glide


I am building an app where I need there to be multiple sellers on the app, which means each seller would have their own Stripe account in order to get paid. Does glide have this feature?

As far as I aware no. Best you can try is to show them their sales data and pay them every week/month the amount that needs to be distributed back.

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You can also built your own cart and then connect billing other then stripe or stripe so each seller can get paid.

I actually built an app like this now in Israel which has many sellers (about 50) and they bill using PayPal or local digital wallets which I integrate


Theoretically you could create an app for each salesperson and embed them with a webview component

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This is exactly what I am trying to do!
when you say build your own cart, what do you mean?

It means build your own add to cart and checkout process. The crucial thing here is the payment process and how to record that back to your Sheets.

Is there a template on how to do this? I only know how to use the “Add to Cart” button that glide provides

I don’t think there’s a template for this but @yinon_raviv can help you with that. Depends on whether your payment method enables an API to record data back to the Sheet.

@ThinhDinh As always you explained it perfectly.
This is exactly what I did only in this specific scenario I didn’t use api but created a url with the payment amount for PayPal and allowed each store to connect his own Paypal account and the user need to take screenshots of the approved payment and upload to the app as reference.
I also allowed the users to send the full order with all items in 2hatsapp, sms or mail to the seller with a click of a button

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