Multivendor app with stripe (or any other valid method)?

Is it possible to manage a multivendor app that uses the only inbuilt system for payments stripe?

The problem is that you can only add one stripe account, so if the user buys from different stores the sorting will have to be done after stripe receives the payment, if it can be done, maybe trough stripe APIs, anyone knows anything on this subject?

Hi :raising_hand_man: @MaxB I only know that there is a stripe product for this but it’s not available within glide

Here is the link if your interested to know more

You could use, it ties directly into google sheets for payments with stripe up to 300 free transactions a month. $30 a month gets you 2k transactions. And have you glide app feed the import. Or do a webview to the sheet and customize the sheet to show payment method portion, prevent scrolling and prevent sheet from opening in new window and your good. But I could probably come up with some other ways I’m just spitballing here.

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Interesting, as always, is it complicate to implement?
Cause I’m pretty sure that I will need a payment system but having different vendors seems complicate to include and automatize

Unfortunately it would be a little time comsuming but I don’t think it would be too hard.

I can imagine thx, I’ll give it a look.

Btw, it doesn’t need to be stripe at all costs, it can be any method that allows me to automatize the sells in a multivendor app

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Please see

It does exactly what you seek to achieve via PayPal not stripe.


Ok thx, nice app but to be honest it took me some time to understand how to order, it’s still a little bit rough on the edges I think you can refine it in different ways.
If I add food in the cart from one vendor I can’t add from another one, right?
After placing the order the store owner receives a notification of some kind?

You just made this one or are you already selling/using it?

I don’t dislike the paypal payment method but if the user forgets to do something in the process it may be complicate.

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The last complaint was we don’t want cross ordering and your complaint is I want cross ordering. The standard version allows cross ordering which is what you want. The pro doesn’t.

It probably took you time becz you looked in the wrong places :grin:

See you need to understand something about multi vendor payment systems. You let your vendors set up shop and sell what they want like on eBay etc. The biggest decision facing a multi vendor operator is tax. You get the vendors to add their own payment URLs (I do this here and you charge a marketing fee. You don’t need to collect any tax on their behalf. This is known as an ABS system. Of course your trusting them to pay your whatever %. Alternatively, you can make your life hell by collecting money into your PayPal or Stripe account which never really arrives into your account as it’s held in a 3rd party account for whatever days specified (often 14 days to comply with online consumer regulations ). Problem with this structure is you make yourself responsible for everything.

You can easily build both types of apps with glide, but 1st type is a bit more difficult than the second, especially the emailing part. I’m not selling the gstore in the template store becz it’s for me.

I think you should build your own app instead of purchasing one.

I know you can build one.

I didn’t want to complain or offend your app, it’s a nice app, I wanted to give you suggestions from my point of view.

I understand what you mean, I just think that the user might make a msitake during the procedure and in that case there could be some issues maybe?

I didn’t make a purchase on your app, is there a way I can test it all maybe?

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OMG I’m so offended I’m crying (lol). I like feedback. Actually the pro was the result of 4 months of feed back. In fact, glide made me take out a lot of things I notice they don’t ask others to take out. That offended me not this. But no seriously the complaint always was the one you actually said you wanted. That’s why I referred you to the standard version. A lot folks wanted me to shut all the other restaurants out to avoid cross ordering. So when you mentioned it I was like lol, here we go again but just in reverse.

What I mean is that, if a user orders from different stores, how do you manage payments?

Okay the Gstore is very different. The idea was to let vendors get on with it. You as a vendor sign up, add your PayPal url, when purchase is made, get paid into your account, PayPal notifies you. You and I receive email of order. I know how much was paid. You pay my %. Simple.

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Sry I saw this only now.

So you have the data in the sheets and make a report of how much the store sold.

Also a question for you; after the user pays with paypal, does your app send the store, and the user some receipt of the order?

How does the store know that a user has bought something?