PayPal/Stripe Connect - multiple vendors (direct user to user payments)

I’d love to see payment processing integration allowing peer to peer payment while being able to leverage a transaction fee from the total amount (not in addition to the purchase amount). This doesn’t have to be PayPal, they’re just the only one I know that currently has a setup for marketplace apps with multiple vendors.

I’m building a marketplace app that allows each user to be their own vendor, think etsy or ebay. The current Stripe integration doesn’t allow payments to go directly to users, rather I get paid and I have to manually distribute funds. I know there are some workarounds out there like PayPalme or Fabio’s app but I’m concerned about liability with a non-integrated payment system either for unpaid or missing items or tax liability if all funds going through my Stripe account counting as “income” for me, etc. I also think that people trust PayPal and being a new app, I’ll take all the built in clout I can get.

(Sorry if this needs to be combined with another post that I didn’t see. Also I like this new voting system in the forum, much more convenient. :slight_smile: )

I agree that a multi-vendor marketplace payment type should be implemented. It could also generate additional revenue for Glide as they take a % of the transactions through Stripe. I think its called Stripe Connect that supports multi-vendor platforms.


Through my conversations with Stripe (from being previously hosted on another platform), I’d not heard of Stripe Connect. Anything that allows me to not have to manually distribute funds or be liable for the total amount as personal income is fine by me, doesn’t have to be PayPal.

This is exactly what you/we need. Allows multiple vendors to sign up under your account, which you can setup to take X$ or X% of each transaction off the top and automatically schedule payments to your vendors. Trick is to get it implemented on Glide.


Oooh, yes!! :heart_eyes: That’s exactly what we need! I wonder how much work it would be to add this into the existing Stripe integration. Here’s to hoping I get some more votes to my request haha

There are many who have requested this feature, and with Glide also taking a % cut of all transactions, I could see it bringing in additional revenue for them as well as opening up more use cases for the apps

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Completely agree. Glide doesn’t get anything with the workarounds floating around out there. If I thought one of them might work well for me I’d try it but I’d be willing to pay a little per transaction for the extra security and reliability for a true integration. Fingers crossed :smiley:

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Any updates on this? I really need this feature.

@willem no updates I’m aware of on this one, unfortunately. I actually decided to move to yet another platform because of this. My app is pretty much done aside from this feature and there’s not currently a workaround I’m comfortable with. I’d love for that to change but I’m not optimistic at this point.

What platform did you choose?

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I’m working on duplicating my app with Bubble. The learning curve is steeper but it can do things that I need that Glide can’t or won’t provide. I’m on my third rebuild and really disappointed to not be able to stick with Glide but it’s limited in some of the basic functions I need.

Ah, I understand, yeah Bubble is to steep for me.

It’s tougher for sure but I think building on Glide was a really great ramp up to learning harder platforms. Try it out on the side! I think they can both help inform work done on the other.

Even though I’m moving, I learned a lot and really loved my Glide community experience. I’d love to come back or maybe build something else with Glide in the future but we’ll see. :blush:

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I first explore Adalo on the side, maybe Bubble after that :wink:

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I’ve actually been able to build a functional marketplace on Glide. It involves Zapier getting triggered by a new Stripe payment and the zap deciphering data passed into Glide’s buy button. My marketplace is for digital goods so I pass the item’s download link, seller’s email address and buyers email address. The zap then emails the download link to the buyer’s email, calculates a 10% transaction fee, then sends 90% using Veem to the seller’s email. Not quite sure how this would work with physical goods. Also, Veem requires a minimum transaction of $10 in order to work.


I just discovered that stripe’s payment links support stripe connect: Payment Links FAQ : Stripe: Help & Support

As discussed here, stripe’s payment links can only be opened externally yet, so no webview.

with integromat or zapier, stripe can write back to google sheets.


Thank you for this information.
I’ll have look at it.


Hm, this is interesting. I’d like to avoid asking people to create a stripe account but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks so much for sharing :grin:

I talked to Stripe in a video call a couple days ago about this very thing. Asked them to build in support where Stripe Connect Vendors and products could be created via Zapier and to have payment links embeddable in Glide Webview. They get the gist of what the possibilities could be with Glide and said they’ll consider adding such functionality down the road. We’ll see.


thanks for asking stripe to allow payment links in iframes @Robert_Petitto

After playing around a little bit more, I have the impression that the current solution is only for a small number of vendors and products, who/which do not change often, since it involves

  • inviting vendors through a link provided by stripe (at least stripe does the onboarding)
  • creating products
  • creating payment links for each product and/or vendor (you can define but not edit the commission individually)
  • (edit:) copying the payment links to glide

manually by the platform/marketplace owner on stripe.

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