Farmers Market App + Payments

Hey everyone!

Y’all. Glide is nuts! I love it it so much and I have a have question that may hit the limits of what it can do?

So I have this farmers market app I made on Glide and there’s a separate app for vendors who can all update their own profiles on it. It blows my mind how simple it was to set that up thanks to Glide’s excellent documentation.

I’d like to take it to the next level and I’m not sure how. We also have a separate app on the App Store for taking mobile order and that’s made through WhatsGood but I want to incorporate our pre-orders into this glide app!

Is it possible to add payments AND have the sales the vendors make go straight back to their own stripe account? As of now it looks like we’d have to keep track of all the sales and distribute the profits to the correct vendors, but I’d really like to take that step out.

Any ideas?



Hi Brad,

The killer integration for this use case is Stripe Connect. It’s not currently plug and play with Glide but I can see it coming in the horizon since quite a few people need this for multivendor marketplace apps, and there’s already a nice Stripe checkout integration.

And yes, the ease that Glide brings to app development blows my mind :exploding_head:


Niiicee alrighty well I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when it comes. \M/ \M/


It would be a game changer, that’s for sure.


I reached out to Stripe to see if can learn more about how to integrate this “Stripe Connect.” If I learn anything I’ll let y’all know.


@Brad_Stallcup: Hi Brad, just looked at your app - love it!

Quick question: how did you create the inline buttons on the details screen, i.e. the payment methods accepted, and categories?

Right on, thanks!
I’m new to this so let me see if I can remember. This’ll be good for me. :smiley:

(I guess I’m a noob and can’t post more than one screen shot so I’ll post one with everything at the bottom.)

So it’s like you said, an inline list connected to a new sheet called “Payment Types” and there’s a Relation column that connects it to the Vendors name in my vendor information sheet called “Vendors”.Aall that does it pull the name from the vendors sheet so you can connect it to the payment types.

Then under the styling “Layout” tab it’s connected to that “Payment Types” sheet.
And then styling was just a title view and I used the Payment Name (ie: Cash Credit Card etc…) for the Details & Image drop downs. Changed the shape and used 3 per row.

Then under the other “Features” tab at the top I filtered by that Vendors Payments on the “Vendor Type” Sheet. (Set to When Not Empty) and the visibility is set to only show the inline list if “Payment” is not set. Payment is pulled from the Vendors sheet.

That’s is! Wrapping your head around the multiple sheets and vendor relations took some practice, but you slowly start to realize how super simple it really is. These Glide guys are genius!

Sweet! Have fun with that! I know I did. :smiley:


@Brad_Stallcup You’re an absolute beauty! Cheers for that.

With Glide and our app, it sorta feels like I’m creating a sculpture and just chipping away until it refined like marble.

This has definitely opened up some possibilities for me, so thank you for sharing - it’s deeply appreciated!

I’m a little concerned that you have your payment type inline list set up wrong. You stated that you are simply filtering if the payment type is not empty. This is going to make the same payment types show up for everybody that has a payment type. Example: it looks like Fat Top Farms should only have 2 payment types, but in the app it shows four. You really should have a relation from the Vendors to the Payment Types instead of the other way around. Then show the inline list using the relation in the vendors sheet. You shouldn’t need to use any filter or visibility settings at all for this to work if your relations are set up correctly. Your current filter has no knowledge of what payment types are selected on the Vendors sheet. Only that the particular vendor has at least one matching payment type.

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Ahhh hahah! You are so right!

I’ve been bouncing back and forth so much I got lost. I think at one point was what you mentioned. Or at least thats what I did with the categories.

Thanks for that catch. I better fix that right now…

Heres an updated screen of my sheet.