Premium store πŸ›’πŸ”₯

Just released this premium store template which is the high-end version of my basic store already in the template store.

A bunch of new features available like:

  • Cross-selling
  • Dedicated sales event page (black friday, cyber monday…)
  • Promo price vs old price
  • Number of product left
  • Admin data cockpit in app
  • Stock management in app

Check it out and if you any question or input, feel free to share :pray:t4:


@PlanetZero Great :+1: also love the demo video, what did you use to create this masterpiece??


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Impressive as always.

can a user add to the cart products from different vendors?

How is that case managed with payments?

Thanks :+1:t3: @Rosewebstudio , I use Screen Flow

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@ThinhDinh :pray:t4: :wink:

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Well done! Engaging video and super clean layout. Expect lots of sales :wink:

Hello @MaxB Adding products from different vendors is not a big deal but the problem is to split the payment. As far as I know it’s possible with Stripe Connect but you need to deal with the API and at the end I’m not sure it will work in Glide…

Thanks :+1:t3: @Robert_Petitto

That’s what I meant, so you haven’t looked into accepting and sharing payments for different vendors.

Anybody here has had a look or knows how to deal with stripe APIs for this matter?