Stripe Connect


Are there any plans to implement Stripe Connect to allow for Marketplace Apps?


We have no plans for this. Can you tell us more about the marketplace you’d build?

I want to market a product in which the payment must flow directly from customer to seller in order to stay compliant. Ideally, I would like the ability to on board and feature only one different seller every week. This industry would be Food & Beverage.


Stipe Connect to build a marketplace would be awesome for sure!


Stripe Connect would be a game changer

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Was just looking at this. This is a pretty novel concept! Would open quite a few doors for app builders.

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Exactly what I need for my community app. Money need to flow directly from user to shop


Rally the troops!!

Hi Krivo,

Currently you could use the in app purchases offered by Glide:

When your app is Pro, Glide charges a 2% fee on top of Stripe’s transaction fees.
If your app is free, Glide charges a 10% fee on top of Stripe’s transaction fees.

No,because as app builders, we do need money to go from the app users to the seller. As implemented today,it can’t be used for market places.

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Very true

Just make the recipient of the payment the seller instead of the app builder.

Payment–>Seller vs Payment–>App builder

A simple workaround is setting up a stand-alone Stripe account for the seller, and link to it via a button. (a non in app transaction). This works in the context that the app builder does not charge a commission.

If you do want to charge a commission on external transactions originating within your app there are workarounds for that as well.

Of course, ultimately Stripe Connect is the smoothest way to go.

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You can’t do that if you have 50 sellers in your app. You can only specify one payee.

Hi Jeff,

If you meant in the context of the Stripe integration via Glide I agree that only a single payment recipient can be specified:

Glide+Stripe–>Payment–>App builder(single payment recipient)

But you could create stand-alone Stripe accounts associated with each single product, and make the product owner the recipient for the payment for their corresponding product sale. Once that’s done you can link from within the app via a button to that specific product payment page; the button brings the user to the transaction page outside of the app. This can hypothetically be done with any number of instances using that structure.

App+Product1A+Button–>Outside Jump–>Product1A Stripe payment page–>Payment—>Recipient1A

App+Product1B+Button–>Outside Jump–>Product1B Stripe payment page–>Payment—>Recipient1B

App+Product1C+Button–>Outside Jump–>Product1C Stripe payment page–>Payment—>Recipient1C


I’m exploring this structure in the context of helping small business in communities being hit hard by the pandemic. I do not plan on charging them commission per sale or transaction.


@Gliderrr, thank you for the explanation. Please let us know how the structure you mentioned is working for you.

Hi Rosinda,

You’re welcome, and will do :slight_smile:

I see. But the problem could be “how to pass outside the buyer info via the button”. Or else, the buyer info is provided by the buyer himself outside, but in this case, he can’t shop more than 1 item…

Tricky case I think… Stripe Connect will definitively be an asset for Glide

Stripe Connect can also help with the us (the app builder) taking our cut from every sale without having to manually invoice the seller later on based on sales made.

For example, at this stage Glide Charges 2% on every Stripe transaction. It would very helpful to allow us to also specific our charge which will be deducted before the remainder goes directly into the Sellers Stripe account

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In the situation you have drawn out, you as an app owner are unaware of the number of transactions/value of transactions which has happened via the glide app?

It’s definitely a smart workaround when starting out but eventually if you want the payment to go thru you, then this will face a limitation.

Hey Glide Team,

Are there any plans to look at this? Specifically the Strip Connect Express option

I’m going to try and build it into my platform over the next few weeks… currently learning about catching webhooks :scream: … (if anyone else has tried, let me know!)

But if you’re looking at building something native, especially now you have user profiles :grin:, I will wait for it rather than trying to hack something together!

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