Glide and Stripe Connect Express

Hi Gliders !

Does anyone know how to connect a Glide app to Stripe Connect express ?

I’m working on a marketplace app and I’d like to settle a payment process to manage sales and vendors payments with Stripe.

Unfortunately, you cannot connect Glide to Stripe Connect Express. The Stripe integration only allows you to add a “simple” stripe account, meaning there is only one payee you can specify.

If you wish to build a peer-to-peer marketplace, you will most likely have to look for another solution, or manage the sales and payments from one centralized Stripe account.

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Ok ! Thank you Lukas !

I’ll manage payout manually then !

No, you can. You just have to use automation tools like and webhooks in Glide to make it work.

I made a video on this here:

I use Airtable in this example but you can do it with Glide because you just add webhooks to the buttons that trigger seller onboarding and seller connect portals.


Oh ! Great ! I’ll try ! Thank you Connor !

Yes, you can definitely use Stripe Connect Express via and webhooks (create connect accounts, checkout using these connect accounts etc.). I know marketplaces is not the focus of Glide, but it is completely doable.