Glide + Bubble =......Stripe Connect?

Stripe Connect has been a huge request from our community. I’ve been working on an app that attempts to do this - still working out the kinks.

Since Stripe Connect isn’t a feature in Glide (yet) I tried to implement Stripe Connect through with a webview component in Glide.

My Thinking:

  • has a number of free plugins that allow you to use Stripe Connect
  • Through URL parameters, you can also set important elements of Stripe Connect (i.e. merchant account ID, amount, etc.)
  • With Glide’s template column (or URL column) we can pass the needed fields in the URL that then passes the same information to bubble that has the Stripe Connect functionality

I’m still working out the kinks (namely, the ability to lookup the correct Stripe account ID of the user who should receive the payment). I believe that with a webhook of some sort, we can house the stripe account ID in Glide. I have a few concerns on whether or not this is secure, but I I know that it’s essential for this approach to work.

Posting this in case it sparks any other ideas for similar use cases :slight_smile:


This would be MASSIVE!
I spoke yesterday with the PayHere founder about this… They might be working sometime soon in a whitelabel" option, so we can create marketplaces with multiple vendors in a Glide app.

Exciting times.


Sounds promising :+1:

I have also reached out to payhere about a few things and they are very onboard with listening to their users and making things happen, so might may = we will let’s see.



You can use stripe block passing parameters through the url or through Google sheets. It works ok, but Landbot is not free.

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I’ve created a working stripe connect system in Glide :slight_smile:

I basically created my own payment website from scratch that uses the Stripe elements library (which includes Apple/Google Pay support) that works with Stripe connect and the commissions system (so I take a 2% fee per order automatically), I then embed this site in the webview component, it works with webhooks so you can use a zapier webhook after payment complete and you can set the price via the url or by passing an ID in the url and it’ll get the price from the google sheet based on that passed ID.

I’ll be sharing a detailed showcase example in this forum soon, it’s quite exciting, I actually brought your Glidecart template and I have plans to try and learn and work out how to implement my website into your template for a product offering I’m working on.


Very nice! Excited to see your showcase. If you have any questions on the backend of Glidecart happy to help!


If you are paying for a site to host the app why not use their ecommerce and be done with it?

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Hi @Lisa , I’m new to Glide so sorry if I completely misunderstood this part of your post. But are you saying we have the ability to transfer Glide data to an outside service (in your case, Bubble and Stripe) through a URL column? The reason I ask is I’d like to incorporate a Mighty Networks forum into my app and was initially going to keep it simple by having a simple link to my MN forum in the user profile. There would be an extra step as the user would have to sign up again but MN has a very simple sign up process where they can sign in using Apple, Google, Facebook, etc… But if I’m understanding your comment correctly, we could somehow automatically set up a MN profile by automatically transferring data (email and password) from Glide to MN?

Thanks in advance