Stripe Connect API

Marketplace apps

Would be super awesome if you could create a stripe connect integration so that you could have any sort of marketplace payout available on the application. Not sure how hard/long the integration would take but I know it would be super useful for me!

would allow for applications to be built like:

  • Crowdfunding services, like Kickstarter and Ulule
  • E-commerce platforms, like Shopify and Squarespace
  • Marketplaces, like OfferUp and Catawiki
  • On-demand services, like Lyft and Glovo
  • Invoicing solutions, like Xero
  • Booking platforms, like OpenTable
  • Travel and event providers, like Tito Travel and Musement
  • Extensions on Stripe, like Segment and Avalara

The integration is in the PRO app. You can test it out in the free version. Do a search for Glide and Stripe to find further information.

For sure - there is a buy button from stripe but stripe connect allows you to build & payout in marketplaces. Just looking at the docs I think it would be tough because there are so many variables like capabilities, account types & create charges but i’m sure there’s a generic approach you could take that could 80/20 the use cases…

Oh, got it. I didn’t fully look at the link you posted, Sorry. I use the one currently implemented by Glide but my requirements are simple enough that I don’t need all of those features. It’s basically just a simple donate button, actually a series of buttons with fixed amounts and a numeric input with a button for donation of any amount.

Gotcha gotcha - no worries!!

I have creating marketplace also, I think I need payment gate add beside Stripe.