💡 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Payment Links

Hey Glide community! :wave:

There’s been a lot of interest in building multi-vendor marketplaces with Glide but there seems to be no viable solution, only hacky workarounds using Stripe Connect and similar platforms. I’m considering building a no-code tool that generates payment links for multi-vendor marketplace payments in your apps.

I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts and whether or not this would be a useful solution. If you’re interested and think you’d use a tool like this, please let me know your thoughts below. Thanks!

Edit: I created a landing page https://vendor.so.

Hi Willem,

About 30% of potential clients ask for some version of this. While it would be nice to have a native solution for sure, Glide has come out and said that they have no interest in supporting P2P marketplaces. Good luck with the survey!

Thanks for the info. Seems like Glide is missing out on a great opportunity, along with other similar no-code tools as well. Would you @Robert_Petitto use a no-code tool that generates P2P payment links in any of your Glide projects?

I sure would if it’s easier than Stripe Connect.

The main issue is not paying, but PAYOUTS. That’s always a mess.
I suggest potential clients wanting to build a marketplace to try Sharetribe. It might be better suited for their needs. Glide is focused on “dark apps” (search for David’s YC pitch on YT) and thus isn’t focused on this vertical


Definitely, payouts were a hassle when I made a marketplace in Glide using Zapier and Veem. I’d like to build a no-code tool similar to Payhere that facilitates these multi-vendor payments. Would you use a tool like this with Glide @eltintero?

I went ahead and created a landing page https://vendor.so. If anyone is interested in a solution like this, feel free to join the waitlist.

Hey, Guys! It seems that the problem here is the difficulty of enabling payments for multivendor marketplace, right? But if I want to build a marketplace without payments? only receive and manage orders? do you have some tips?

Yes, the issue is P2P payments in-app. Marketplaces without payments are completely doable in Glide. Little complicated to explain in a single replay, but take a look at my Marketplace template for inspiration:

To be honest, my template is more like a “Craigslist” than anything else, but it can be used as a good starting point for what you’re trying to accomplish.