Vendor Marketplace possible?

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to set up a vendor marketplace with Glide? Vendors should be able to sell their own products. How would you go about this? Setting up the products in stripe?

How would the vendors take their share than? Can you use stripe connect in this instance?

Many thanks!

I think the most straightforward approach is to let them set up their products by adding new rows, as an admin you can approve or disapprove a product (if you want to do so).

Then communicate with them beforehand their share in the market, and they can only receive their share at the end of the month, for example.

You, as the admin, receive all money via Stripe, then distribute them to the vendors.

Yeah, that would be an approach. I am building a marketplace with wordpress where vendors get paid directly via stripe connect.

So I was thinking of creating a similar app. Would love to see if it’s possible that vendors get paid directly and you charge a monthly fee for ads etc…

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Hi @Alexdz, have been able to solve your marketplace app in Glide?
Working on a marketplace idea too.
Would be interested how you managed the payment issue.