Market Place

Hi guys, I’d like to know whether I can build a marketplace with Glide.

How’s it going to work?
How do suppliers signup? How do they upload their own data?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The biggest pain point with a marketplace on here is that all purchases via Stripe will go to the app owner’s account so you will have to redistribute them later.

Regarding the data upload, if you can ask shop owners to upload a CSV file via a file picker, then you can use Zapier to read that file and append to the products sheet.

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Is there an app that is stripe approved that does the disbursements after the fact?

Super interested in doing this as well. And ensuring our suppliers get paid out.


I have seen quite a few people who wants to do a marketplace app on here, and I assume if they want a multi vendor option with Stripe, that is the only way forward.

Otherwise, an alternative is to use integration with a webhook, but not sure if that’s complicated.

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I remember there was as discussion about this subject before. If it helps have a look at this Stripe Connect