Stripe has payment links too

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But seems not working with a webview button:

Have you tried it with an open link??

That will work, i assume, but then I would go for PayRequest or PayHere or others that support webview. You want people to stay in your app.


Depends on case: If I choose to use Stripe I will save up to 2% in each transaction so I will avoid the PayRequest or PayHere’s fee.


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Not yet but then the user goes out the App.

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Yeah, of course, that can be a logical choice. For me personally incorporation in my app, dynamic links and standard iDeal support (important for a Dutch audience) is worth 1% of PayRequest costs. But that will differ per person / case.

I’ve been lurking on all these topics about Stripe & Subscriptions as I’m building an app that needs it and have had all the same frustrations.

Once Stripe added Payment Links recently, I thought using the Open Webview Link would be a solution as well, especially to avoid the 1% (payrequest) or 2% (payhere) additional fees, but like you, I had the blank screen. Looking at the Console, the error message was “Stripe Checkout is not able to run in an iFrame. Please redirect to Checkout at the top level.”

I jumped on a chat with Stripe Support and eventually got this answer from them:

"In regards to an error you are receiving in your iFrame, you are receiving this error because currently payment links (redirects) will not work inside of an iFrame. These are only able to be generated from your Dashboard to be used.

However, we plan to provide API support for these payment links towards the end of the year. You can also reach out to for feedback and feature requests for the future."

Now how this might shake out? I don’t know, but I would love to deal with a single payment platform instead of multiple ones each taking a cut.

So I’ve sent my use case (and mentioned all Gliders :wink: to their support team and recommend you do the same so maybe they’ll prioritize this higher!