How to create an connected account in Stripe with glide users

Hello glide community :wave:

I am sending this message since I need some help. I would like to create connected accounts in Stripe with the glide users of my app. I would to know how may I do this, even manually.

Is anyone has a method or solution?

Thanks in advance!


So you want to integrate multiple Stripes into an app for the buy button?

I would like to create connected accounts manually in stripe connect.
I want to use my users (seller) information for the creation.

Hi @Galerie

This has been discussed a few times. It’s not possible at the moment

There is a ‘feature request’ for this, however I personally don’t think this is going to happen anytime soon.

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OK I think it’s not the same need.
I am looking a solution to add separately the seller users in Stripe connect and not use glide to do this.

I’m confused, if you don’t want to use glide and the question is specific to stripe connect perhaps your best seeking help via stripe? :thinking:

Yes indeed I already asked, I was wondering if anyone from glide community have faced this need.