🖋 Conditions for Edit and Delete

You can now set conditions on which items can be edited or deleted. For example, you might want all user profiles to be visible to everybody, but only editable by the user they belong to.


This is Huge! Nice addition, @Mark et. all!!!


Wow just stumbled upon this in one of my apps and thought I was seeing things. HUGE!

Create column: Role in a Profile sheet… relate/lookup that value from another sheet… Add edit condition based on that Lookup value in another sheet. Boom!

Edit… This doesn’t really work the way I want it to… the user who created the row is what is going to be related with… not necessarily the signed in user (who would be the Admin Role). There almost needs to be a way in the editor to get the value of the signed in user at any given time.

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We might be working on something like that :wink:


What about conditions for adding items?

What condition would you set for adding items?

is-admin based on admin rights set in a profile sheet

This is easily the happiest day for me on this platform. With 5 sheets in my Spreadsheet based on Query Copy functions to create non-editable vs editable versions, this one addition will cut the bulkiness of my Spreadsheet nearly in half and make further building on the app less stressful.

I can’t imagine a happier day… well the day the character limiter for text fields arrives, that may surpass it for me :wink:

Keep crushing it Glide Team!!!


Thanks !! I my requirement fulfill by this… :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Already used this feature in a new app I’m working on! Fantastic!


We’ll get there.


:+1: :+1: :+1:

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This is massive…just in time for a soft launch of an app I am creating. Need to have a play around with it to get it working (clearing my diary for tomorrow) keep smashing it. Adalo and bubble watch you back glide is in town!



For this new function to be really useful, the login option must be optional. For users who are not registered, you can view the data without editing it.


Care to share?

Sneak peak:


Nice one :point_up:

Just curious what didn’t work? I think your relate/lookup situation would work just fine to get an array of admin emails. Then set up 2 filters with an OR to check if the signed in user is the creator of the row, or the signed in user is in the array of emails from the lookup to a sheet that lists the admins.