Can two accounts control the same app (same URL)?


I created an app for a friend and I told him how to create it, so he connected his google account to Glide and build his app from scratch (he copied the sheet). But now, he need helps to change the design of the app.

The only way for me to have access to the app is to connect to his google account within Glide?

Is there a way to connect two accounts for a same app (same URL)?

I’m wondering what’s the best way to build app for people who want also to have access to the back end of the app (not only the sheet).

Is there a solution like Bubble in the roadmap:

Transferring apps
Once an application is ready to be delivered, you can invite your clients as editors, and give them admin rights. They can then subscribe to a paid plan for the app to allow them to run it in production. You will remain as an editor of the app until the client explicitly removes your editing rights.


We’re releasing collaboration features very soon.

They will initially be pretty basic but they’ll allow you to collaborate on apps.


Amazing :clap:

They’re specifically designed for people at the same company collaborating on internal apps, but I’d love for you to try them and give us feedback anyway.


Super! :smiley: