Collaborators account type or mode

This will allow multiple builders to edit an app from a shared sheet without having to rebuild


Yes! We cannot wait to offer this.

If you’re interested in this feature, could you please tell us more about how you’d use it? How many people would you collaborate with? Who would they be? Should they all be able to edit any part of the app?

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I work with some young collaborators for an app I’m currently writing in Glide. I think it would be useful for them to edit all or part based on who I decide need to have such access, since I am the account holder. For example, one or two could work on interface, while the others work on funtionality.

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@david Collaboration would be great but I hadn’t thought about if it should be granular. Maybe the app settings should be reserved for the “owner” of the app. Another one could be the ability to turn on Add or Edit on any sheet. Those are pretty low level design things that should be discussed and a conciseness of agreement obtained before changing these types of things. The only other thing I can think of at the moment would be the showing of tabs/menus or not. Again a lower level design thing. So an Admin access and a Collaborator access, where only the Admin access can do the above.

I would love the ability to hand over ownership without losing any functionality. 2 -3 collaborators at a time, warning when info in the sheet is being changed and it will will affect what the other collaborator is Working on with the ability to ok that change although it affect the other collaborators work. Set permission of what areas can be changed by additional collaborators.

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So is this feature has been introduced?

Look into the Organizations feature. Just make sure you understand the pricing model and how it works first. Once you move an app to an organization, you cannot take it out.

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if you delete the collaborators account , the apps that were transferred transfer back to the admin owner ?

I have a collabo with another party , team member does not have access to my apps how can we fix this, he can start new apps but not view or edit existing apps.

At the moment if you move an app to an organization, or we call it a team now, any members of the org can view and edit existing apps.

Yes but this does not work ass the team member canot sent it back to the owner once completed

I assume you can let the “owner” copy back the app? So they are not in the same Glide organization/team?

unfortunately that’s not the case once you send it i don’t see and option to get it back nor copy it back.

I mean you can always turn the copy option of the app on and let the “owner” copy it back to their account. Will it work for your case? Can you go into more details about your use case?

Once you send the app it can’t be sent back to owner , you can copy the app but it will not be the pro version of the the app, so that won’t work either.

If the pro status lies in the owner’s account then he can transfer the pro subscription over to the new copy.

What exactly are you trying to do by sending the app back and forth?