Can I assign editors?

My apologies if this is available as I didn’t locate information in the documentation. Is there a way to assign the ability to have several ‘editors’ or ‘moderators’ so I’m not the only one updating the app on the backend until we decide how we fully want it? (I’m assuming then I can just have a few folks assigned as editors on my Google Sheet at that point). I don’t want to give all users the ability to edit/delete content since it appears they can edit/delete content that other people added.

Please advise. TIA

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You can set up share on any Google sheet. But it’s an all or nothing when it comes to editing or changing the sheet.

You should be able to share a google sheet only with certain people that have google accounts instead of publicly. I think you can then set permissions for each individual.

I’ll also add that depending on what your app is intended for, there are ways to have content that is view only by everyone and content that can only be edited by the original poster. If you want several people to edit several posts, then you can either use the combined array column of Per User Data, or some sort of tab with a list item that only certain people have access to that would take them to an edit area. Kind of like the Admin demo in

Can you have someone else edit the app? Or do the edits really need to come from the google sheet?


  • You can have someone else in the builder making changes to the app if you share an account.
    Obviously it’s not a good idea to have multiple people editing at the same time, but I’ve had the builder open in multiple tabs at times.
  • Any number of people can technically make data edits within the app and you can also allow multiple people to directly access and change the spreadsheet as well.

It does appear that Glide is working on an organization feature for the future:

Topic closed, Team feature provides collaboration.