App transfer

Hello everyone,

Does someone know if it’s possible to transfer apps from 2 differents glide accounts ?

I’m asking because I’m considering to develop small apps for individuals & small companies. So either I developp the app whit my account and transfer it, or they create their own glide account to which they give me access during the developement time ?

Thanks a lot !
Have a great day,

Hi Lucas,

Option A
As you suggested, you create the apps in your Glide account and then allow your clients to copy them. There is a checkbox in the settings of the app for this.

Option B
Your clients open a Glide account and you work in your clients’ accounts.

Leverage Team folders
In your Glide dashboard, there’s a “My apps” folder for your own apps, and below that you can create team folders to collaborate on apps. Have you tried that?


Hi Nathanael,

Thanks for the confirmation !
Yes you’re right, I think I’ll use the Team folders, so that once the work is done I make the client Admin of the team.

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