Any other way to copy app other than creating templates?

Is there any other way to copy the app other than creating the templates? I have an app ready and a client interested but looks like I’ll have to redo everything on their app since the app is under template review and seems to be taking long.


You can make it copiable under sharing, or create an org and add the app to the org. If you make it shareable, tell your client to create a glide account, create an org, add the app, add you as an editor and the you can modify it. Unfortunately glide doesn’t allow to change ownership for now, so that’d be the only ways. Hope it helps


Can you elaborate. I understand the organisation part… but not the sharing. How do I share it such that it can be copied? If I share the link of the app, I don’t see any option to copy.

Oh, I think I just figured it out… Thanks! Its in settings.

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That’s correct, sorry I missed the most important part :joy:

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